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About RPDI

Program of the X National Investigative Journalism Conference #IJC18

RPDI will hold National Investigative Reporting Conference which will unite over 200 journalists from Ukraine and abroad.

In 2018 the conference is expected to become a platform for communication where journalists can discuss the challenges of the upcoming elections, gather international expertise on multiple security and productivity issues connected with the high political tension in the country as well as work on unity and common action against the pressure on the journalism community.
Just as every year this year the conference will bring and introduce new media techniques and instruments to Ukrainian media market.

RPDI relies on international speakers as unbiased “sources” of new experience and skills. They will bring their insights and expertise to discussions and that is what clearly is needed right now – opinions of unbiased, trusted experts. This year, we are bringing in the most prominent world investigative journalists with the experience in political investigations – David Cay Johnston, James Grimaldi, Gavin Rees and others.

As a part of our growing concern of security of journalists (all – physical, legal, reputational), we are going to host open discussion on journalist security and violations against journalists that are intensifying before the start of political campaignes.

Ethics, media law, new trends in education for journalists, open data presentations from international speakers, discussions/presentations of best local and tans national investigations, practical sessions (from data search and analysis to shooting with drones) – all are other important elements of this year agenda.

X National Investigative Journalism Conference
December 7-9, 2018
Day 1, December 7
12:30 – 13:20Registration of participants. Welcome coffee.
13.20 – 13.30Opening remarks
«European» Hall
General discussion. Specifics of electoral legislation during upcoming president and parliamentary elections and media work

Olga Ayvazovska, OPORA

Moderator: Olena Vasina, Reuters

14:30 – 14:40Break
«European» Hall«Stolichna» Hall«National» Hall
First section. Opportunities and services for journalists during the elections

Vita Dumanska, CHESNO; Denys Bihus, Bihus.info; Serhii Milman, YouControl; Yaroslava Karybina, Liga Business

Moderator: Oleksandr Voloshyn, RPDI

Second section. Working with the information leaks – threats and conditions of using leaks

Evgeniya Motorevska, Slidstvo.Info; Volodymyr Thorik, RISE (Moldova); Glib Kanevskyi, State Watch

Moderator: Alisa Yurchenko, Bihus.Info

Third section. Public financing of political parties in the CIS and Europe

Fernando Casal Bertoa, University of Nottingham

Moderator: Alyona Sheshenya, IFES

16:10 – 16:30Coffee-break
16:30 – 18:00
«European» Hall
What should investigative journalists expect in 2019? Risks and Challenges

Volodymyr Torbich, 4Vlada; Dmytro Bulakh, Kharkiv Anti-Corruption Center; Vitaliy Shabunin, Anti-Corruption Action Center; Daryna Shevchenko, Slidstvo.info, RPDI; Denys Bihus, Bihus.Info; Natlia Ligachova, Detector Media; Vitaliy Moroz, Internews-UkraineModerator: Fedir Sydoruk, media expert
Day 2, December 8
09:00-10:00Registration of participants. Welcome coffee.
«European» Hall
Opening. Welcoming remarks from the organizers and donors
«European» Hall
Elections in the era of new technologies, disinformation and post-truth

Key speaker – David Cay Johnston, DCReport.org

«European» Hall
Journalistic reality during the elections: problem and ways of their solution (international experience)

Gavin Reese, European office Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma; David Cay Johnston, DCReport.org; Dumitru Stoyanov, RISE Moldova

Moderator: Anna Babinets, OCCRP and Slidstvo.Info

«European» Hall«Stolichna» Hall«National» Hall
Fourth section. International cooperation of investigative journalists: importance and opportunities

Amund Trellevik, Barents Press; Anna Babinets, OCCRP; Olga Simanovich, GIJN; Henrik Kaufholz, SCOOP

Moderator: Oleg Khomenok, GIJN

Fifth section. Funding opportunities for investigative reporting

Serhii Grytsenko, Internews; Svitlana Zholobaylo, IREX UMPP; Kateryna Laba, IWPR; Petko Georgiev, Open Media Hub; Anna Babinets, OCCRP; Olga Zhyryachenkova, MDF of US Embassy.

Moderator: Daryna Shevchenko, RPDI

Hands-on zone. Psychological hygiene for journalists: working under stress and pressure. (Part 1)

Gavin Rees, European Office Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

15:45 – 17:15
«European» Hall«Stolichna» Hall«National» Hall
Sixth section. Reading financial statements of companies

David Cay Johnston, DCReport.org

Seventh section. Archives and databeses for political corruption investigations. The database of politically exposed persons (PEPs) of CIS countries. Transborder corruption archive.
Galina Senyk, ABA/CEELI; Anrey Kalikh, Russian media expertModerator: Oleksa Shalayskyi, Nashi Groshi
Hands-on zone. Psychological hygiene for journalists: resilience and self-care. (Part 2)

Gavin Rees, European Office Dart Center for Journalism and Trauma

17:25 – 18:45
«European» Hall
Uncovering political corruption: Can journalists and NABU work together?

Evhenia Motorevska, Slidstvo.Info; Maryna Yaromenok, NABU; Olena Krolovetska, NABU; Taras Filonenko, NABU.

Moderator: Danylo Mokryk, UA:First/Bihus.Info

18:45-19:15Award ceremony for the winners of the investigative journalism contest, covering issues related to the financing of political parties and candidates for elections (political corruption) in Ukraine, conducted by the International Foundation for Election Systems (IFES); Award ceremony for the winners of the journalism contest “Best publication under “Disinformation counteracting in the information sphere of Ukraine, Armenia and Georgia” project”.
Day 3, December 9
«European» Hall«Stolichna» Hall«National» Hall
09:30-11:00Eights section. Know your audience: tips to enlarge audience of anti-corruption media projects

Audience research experts

Moderator: Roman Vybranovskyy, Ukraine Crisis Media Center

Workshop. Rules of working with the sources in the hostile environment

Vladimir Thoric, RISE Moldova

Hands-on zone. Technology of confrontational interview. Part 1

Julian Sher, investigative journalism trainer

11:30 – 13:00
«European» Hall«Stolichna» Hall«National» Hall
Ninth section. Investigating political parties financing in Ukraine
(presentation of the IFES contests winning stories)Moderator : Ihor Feshchenko, CHESNO
Tenth Section. International experience in conducting political and election-related investigations

Bektur Iskander, Kloop (Kyrgyzstan); Andrey Zakharov, ВВС (Russia); Volodymyr Thorik, RISE (Moldova)

Moderator: Evhenia Motorevska, Slidstvo.Info

Hands-on zone. Technology of confrontational interview. Part 2

Julian Sher, investigative journalism trainer

14:00 – 15:30Eleventh Section. Legal aspects of investigative-journalist’s work: protection of sources, whistleblowers and communication

Lyudmila Pankratova, RPDI; Natalia Sedletska, Skhemy

Hands-on zone. How to read and find violations in the reports of political parties?

Julia Salzberg, IFES; Maksym Opanasenko, Svidomo

Hands-on zone. Tracking people via open sources

Pieter van Hius, Bellingcat

15:30 – 15:45Coffee-break
15:45 – 17:00Twelvth Section. Financing political parties in Ukraine: trends, frequent violations and responsibilities

Kateryna Berdnikova, NACP; Alʹona Sheshenya, IFES

Moderator: Maxim Opanasenko, Svidomo

Thirteenth section. How to work with Russian opensource databases for journalism invertigations in Ukraine

Valentyna Samar, Center for Investigative Reporting; Maksym Savchuk, Skhemy; Roman Romanovskiy, Transparency International-Russia

Moderator: Alina Stryzhak, Nashi Groshi

Hands-on zone.

Information and data services about elections useful for investigative journalists, provided by CHESNO.

Olexandra Kuziva, CHESNO

17:00 – 17.15Closing remasrks of the conference

Oleg Khomenok, GIJN

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